Seule et Reliée

Upcoming exhibition at the René Richard Library in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec.
19 February – 28 March, 2021

An annual themed exhibition hosted by Le Centre des Femmes de Charlevoix, commemorating International Women’s Day.

Exhibition show title translates to “Alone and Connected”.

Vue d’un monde intérieur et extérieur. 8×12 photographic print. Holly McClellan’s work for Seule et Reliée 2021

Shot early one morning in 2020. Part of my Covid-19 lockdown experience. The title of the work translates to An Interior and Exterior View.

Weather, the outside world and light are the tools used for the abstract photographic painting. Paint and paint brushes are replaced with a camera, my timing and the study of atmospheric conditions. Physical balance and stability are part of the process during capture.

This particular window serves as a connector between me and the outside world. From inside it is mine to enjoy alone, yet this window connects me to the natural world in Charlevoix and happenings in my neighbourhood. The tree branches act as bridges, connecting both worlds.

A Plastic Window View

For fun. A different view.

Lockdown 2021 has been quite different from 2020. Lots of major life changes, including a big move to the Bay of Quinte. Being in a permanent residence during a lockdown makes a difference. My concerns and fears are very different from the last lockdown.

The windows in this house are old and need to be replaced. It’s the same for most of our neighbours. Like any other subdivision, the way the windows are situated, it’s up to residents to respect each other’s boundaries and privacy. The plastic we installed to deal with the draft, offers an extra layer of privacy. We can enjoy the natural light, the tall trees and the pigeons who gather on top of my neighbour’s roof. A temporary visual distortion of our surroundings.

While useful for energy conservation, and sometimes fun to photograph, the plastic is a daily reminder of plastic pollution. We will find a way to reuse it, but then what?

Plastic Trenton Skylines – Sunrise