Shallow Views

Holly McClellan’s photographic study of marine life living in the shallow waters of Pico, Azores, Portugal.

Works were produced during an arts residency in Pico Azores called Once Upon Water in association with Miratech Arts.  

There is a literal and symbolic shallowness to the images. What started out as a visual exploration of seaweed, evolved into a study of shallow water aquatic life living in the seaweeds and lava rocks of Pico.

The abstracted, painterly quality of the photos are a combination of weather, moving water, plant life, tiny fish and other marine creatures living among the seaweeds and lava rocks of Pico. While unseen, the artist is physically involved with the work, as her balance, timing with camera settings and hints of intuition were all at play during the creation and production stages for the final works.

The Greens in the above slide show were presented as a tripych in a group exhibition called UnNatural History.  For more info about the exhibition, Shallow Views and other water based work by, including liquid pollutants see my other WP site.

The Blues in the slide show bellow were also presented as a triptych for UnNatual History.

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