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Black Water

Black Water

Black River Water & Concete

Yes I may or may not blog about works in progress such as my interest in black as a symbol of water in Feng Shui.

I read about it, but a performance about the colour black by Teresa Asencao inspired me to reconsider colour symbolism in Feng Shui.  Specifically the colour black.  For now I am interested in capturing and studying the qualities of black water and all it’s visual possibilities.

This may or may not evolve and link to my interest in consumerism and household junk. Instead these “Black Water Studies” might serve to connect my interests in ‘finance’.  This new study might connect works like No Monetary Value (a.k.a. the dishes spelling!) and the Financial Peace Cranes (my 1000 origami peace cranes rooted with the wish for Financial Literacy for the masses …).  Or they might not.