Happy New Lunar Year!

Nick & Holly’s Pulp Collaboration

An interactive temporary art installation designed by Nick Horsfall and Holly McClellan for The PULP Art Party T.O., a Toronto Design Offsite Event.

Nick and Holly’s Fortune Palace & Financial Fortune Cookies

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions and prosperity wishes for the new lunar year, it was decided to work with paper fortune cookies.  The palace structure served to welcome or say goodbye to Pulp Party guests with the offer of a party favour.  By coincidence paper fortune cookies have been trending as party favours in recent years.

The Financial Fortune Cookies were created using old bills, statements, inserts, company annual reports and a horse racing program.  Like real cookies the messages inside the paper cookies read as practical, informative, cryptic, wishful thinking or outright nonsense.  Expressions were appropriated and modified from statements found in the source materials. Some messages were borrowed from cliches involving money and gambling.  The lucky or unlucky numbers mimic the number scheme and patterns found in real fortune cookies.  The Financial Fortune Cookies correlate with Holly McClellan’s Financial Peace Cranes. 

Nick Horsfall designed and fabricated the Fortune Palace to suit the chosen theme, the assigned space and for easy transport and set up at the venue.  Images of ancient Chinese architecture, experiences with Chinese food restaurants served as inspiration for the decorated, cardboard structure.  For Feng Shui reasons the fish pond was added inside the base. Nick & Holly's Fortune Palace

The structural and environmental aspects of pulp and paper were considered during the design and construction stages.  Most of the materials were sourced from recyclables at the artists’ home.  Paper supplies left over from previous art projects or personal events were used.  For a sense of authenticity, a nod to recycling after a takeout meal, paper takeout boxes and bags from local Chinese food restaurants were included.  To accentuate the features of the structure, battery operated LED lights were used on the pillars, under the roof line and inside the fish pond.  The strobe effect from the LEDs inside the fish pond created movement in the water, which delighted party guests.

Happy Lunar New Year!  Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous year ahead!

About PULP

The Pulp Paper Art Party is an annual event in Toronto that takes place at different venues every year.  It is an exciting art event involving installations, performances, individual and community art projects with examining possibilities and uses for pulp and paper materials.  With music and dancing, the Super Wonder Gallery was turned into a blue bin playground for the event January 20, 2018.  By interacting with the artworks, and noting the event’s connection to the architectural community, it becomes clear environmental protection and sustainability are themes.

Photos and info about the event can be found using #PULPartparty on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Paper Party Time

Pulp:  paper art party 2018
This event is part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival.   

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Tickets – http://pulpartparty.ca/2018-2/buy-tickets-paper-art-party-2018/

Venue:  Super Wonder Gallery
584 College Street, Toronto, ON. M6G 1B3

Party Details

PULP : paper art party 2018 is the 6th annual paper art party! An evening combining installation art, live music, dancing, and charity. It’s a fundraiser designed to examine the current life cycle of paper materials among others and investigate alternative uses.  This year Super Wonder Gallery is the place where the blue bin becomes a playground.

Holly McClellan & Nick Horsfall’s Work:
Financial Fortune Cookies!

Financial Fortune Cookies - Holly McClellan

Cruising in Charlevoix

St. Lawrence River in August

St. Lawrence River, on a river cruise in August.  Kayakers might be affiliated Katabatik’s Baie Saint Paul, Québec’s location.

After seeing people found and liked my other post about the St. Lawrence river as source material, I decided to do another post about the river.

It’s around the Charlevoix region where salt water and fresh water meet.  The St. Lawrence river connects the Great Lakes system to the Atlantic Ocean.  Sometimes the river seems like the ocean, other days it resembles one of the Great Lakes.  No matter what time of year, the St. Lawrence is freezing cold.  It could be the shallowness and the freezing cold temperatures that make the river so amazing.  The leisure and sporting activities that take place 365 days of the year on this freezing cold river are just as amazing.

The above photo is un-retouched.  Straight jpeg out of the camera but a slight saturated colour shift due to the camera setting I selected.   This colour seems accurate to describe the river near Baie Saint Paul, Québec.

When taking the shot, my partner and I were on a river cruise for our anniversary.  The cruise boat was something new for Baie Saint Paul.   At the time we sensed the cruise boat might be short lived in Baie Saint Paul.  That premonition was correct, but with a positive twist.  The cruise boat moved to La Malbaie, which has turned out to be a great business decision for the owners and best for tourism in the Charlevoix region of Québec.

St. Lawrence River


St. Lawrence Water; Seaweed

St. Lawrence river water + seaweed. Holly McClellan’s water & seaweed studies.


This post is more about checking to see if I have placed this properly in WP.

Image is the  St. Lawrence River.  Or “La Fleuve” at the Saint – Irénée beach in Québec.

This river is the gateway to learning about Quebec’s history, which leads to Canada.  Nobody  would have survived without the help of First Nations tribes to navigate the river and survival techniques to endure the harsh climate on the north or south shores.

If the image has a creepy quality to it, maybe it should.  Will it be necessary to rely on a future culture of pollution survivors to access drinking water?
If you didn’t know …  



Black Symbolizes Water in Feng Shui

Black Water

Concrete; River Water.

Yes I may or may not blog about works in progress such as my interest in black as a symbol of water in Feng Shui.

I read about it, but a performance about the colour black by Teresa Asencao inspired me to reconsider colour symbolism in Feng Shui.  Specifically the colour black.  For now I am interested in capturing and studying the qualities of black water and all it’s visual possibilities.

This may or may not evolve and correlate to my interest in consumerism and household junk. Instead these “Black Water Studies” might serve to further connect my art and interest in ‘finance’.  So far it seems possible the new “Black Water” studies might connect with older works like No Monetary Value (a.k.a. the dishes spelling!) and the Financial Peace Cranes (my 1000 origami peace cranes rooted with the wish for Financial Literacy for the masses …).  Or they might not.

For now when reading the above image – consider black as a symbol for water.  Or concrete and water as commodities.

There.  1 blog post – DONE!!!