Holly McClellan’s artwork.
Mediums:  Photography & Installation art.

Currently Holly is based in Trenton, Ontario.  Trenton is part of  the beautiful Bay of Quinte region.  She has lived in several areas in the GTA.  Since 2012 Holly has been spending lots of time in the Charlevoix region of Quebec.  She has a place in Baie Saint Paul.  The majestic St. Lawrence and it’s shorelines, the mountains and forests, combined with the region’s rich art history have been sources of inspiration.

Her degree from York University and Applied Photography diploma from Sheridan College reflect studies in art, theatre and photography.  Her visual art and photographic knowledge have been applied and updated through her artistic practice, employment contracts, freelance gigs.  Workshops and art residencies and interior design and renovation work have been part of the journey too.

For more info or to see more work while this is under construction visit:


Water & consumer liquids. Other pollutants …

You can see other art and design work she has been busy with https://rufuss.ca/

Artist statement:
I am Fed up of writing these!

Summary and things to know when for reading my artwork:

Part 1: Transforming a scene with the camera.
The original scene is not necessarily eye catching (LOL – It’s the whole reason they get transformed!).  Light and shadow pull me into a scene. Objects too, especially when approaching a still life.
I have a fascination with the connections between beauty and toxicity and the natural and artificial.  This interest influences a lot of my creative choices and helps to inform my approach in a scene or with a subject.  Composition and design, contrast and colour theory are part of my creative decisions.

Part 2:  Consumersism and connections to the environment.
I was raised on shopping and financial markets.  Both seem to be in my DNA.  Everything in my world can be traced back to both.
I am interested in the environment and environmental protections and the application of these protections.  For me, over the years my work has been reinforcing the old but true cliché – Things are not always as they seem.

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