Cruising in Charlevoix

St. Lawrence River in August
St. Lawrence River, on a river cruise in August.  Kayakers might be affiliated Katabatik’s Baie Saint Paul, Québec’s location.

After seeing people found and liked my other post about the St. Lawrence river as source material, I decided to do another post about the river.

It’s around the Charlevoix region where salt water and fresh water meet.  The St. Lawrence river connects the Great Lakes system to the Atlantic Ocean.  Sometimes the river seems like the ocean, other days it resembles one of the Great Lakes.  No matter what time of year, the St. Lawrence is freezing cold.  It could be the shallowness and the freezing cold temperatures that make the river so amazing.  The leisure and sporting activities that take place 365 days of the year on this freezing cold river are just as amazing.

The above photo is un-retouched.  Straight jpeg out of the camera but a slight saturated colour shift due to the camera setting I selected.   This colour seems accurate to describe the river near Baie Saint Paul, Québec.

When taking the shot, my partner and I were on a river cruise for our anniversary.  The cruise boat was something new for Baie Saint Paul.   At the time we sensed the cruise boat might be short lived in Baie Saint Paul.  That premonition was correct, but with a positive twist.  The cruise boat moved to La Malbaie, which has turned out to be a great business decision for the owners and best for tourism in the Charlevoix region of Québec.

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